About us

About Us

High Values

Our success stems from the quality of our work, driven by our attitude, approach, and the exceptional treatment of our clients.

Our Business is People

Trace Technical Recruiting is a consulting firm transforming the hiring journey one placement at a time.


Our beginnings

In a serendipitous encounter, seasoned technical recruiter Trace and accomplished Founder and CEO Rory crossed paths, sharing their vision to revolutionize the recruitment landscape.

With hundreds of success stories ranging from placements at Fortune 100 companies all the way to small businesses, they joined forces and Trace Technical Recruiting was formed in June of 2023.

Fueled by the shared commitment to understanding clients’ unique needs, Trace Technical Recruiting is renowned for personalized, exceptional experiences, leveraging their deep understanding of businesses to watch clients’ backs and provide unparalleled support.

Their unwavering dedication has made them a trusted force in talent acquisition, reshaping the industry with expertise and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Who we are

At Trace Technical Recruiting LLC, we embody speed, grit, empathy, and achievement

Our commitment is to swiftly connect exceptional talent with the right opportunities, driven by our unwavering dedication to delivering transformative results.

With a relentless pursuit of excellence, we embrace challenges and push boundaries, leaving no stone unturned. Through genuine empathy, we forge deep connections, understanding the unique aspirations and needs of both clients and candidates.

We measure success by the lasting impact we make on organizations and careers, one placement at a


Our core values

We embody bravery, unwavering commitment, and the ability to craft unforgettable experiences. Our distinctiveness lies in our deep understanding of your business, enabling us to be an effective partner. As your recruitment ally, we have your back, providing unwavering support while you concentrate on other priorities.


We practice and personalize our cutting-edge technical approach to recruitment to find what no one else can quickly.


We won’t stop until the job is done and your needs are met.


We care about doing the right thing for you and for candidates. We understand, and we’ll be with you every step of the way!


We work hard, and so do the people we work with. Our shared success means a hire for our clients, a job for our candidates, and a win for our agency.

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If you wish to partner with Trace Technical Recruiting, then we’d love to hear from you.